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Dr. Bruce Nock
"I have known Kimberly since 2004. She is a true natural hoof care professional. She is certified by the two leading natural hoof care organizations in the world, Liberated Horsemanship and the AANHCP. Frankly, I don’t know of any natural hoof care professional who has a comparable background. Kimberly’s training and experience are unique and exceptional."
Jacqui Smith
"I had heard of the barefoot movement for many years, but like so many thought that it was for "other" horses. My mare is 27 years old and flat footed and although I would give her breaks from her shoes once in awhile, I didn't think she could go barefoot all the time. I used boots on all four of her feet to work her when she was barefoot. After watching her feet deteriorate over the years from shoeing performed by not so good farriers, I became increasingly worried and decided to pull her shoes 4 yrs ago. I assumed she would be sore so I put her in wall to wall shavings (in her stall and her run) and she wore boots the 
moment she stepped out of her stall. 

In an ongoing effort to help my mare I switched from farrier to farrier trying to find someone to help with the problems that were now being created from "shoe ready" trims as I call them - major under run heels and toe cracks on both front feet. Everyone told me something different was the cause, but all said her feet weren't balanced. The funny thing is they recognized it BUT couldn't help it. Then came this little seminar given at my local tack store. The headliner was a boot company, but there inside the store was the person that would change the life of me and my horse forever, Kimberly Jackson. 

The change didn't come easy for me. I didn't do it immediately. I looked at Kimberly's web site and Jamie Jackson's web site and a few other sites that were listed on Kimberly's site. I researched a lot of other trimmers sites (and I really do mean a lot!). I called and talked to Kimberly more than once. 

I pulled half of the shavings out of my mares run because after talking to Kimberly I felt I wasn't doing her any favorers by using shavings. Then, after several months and after becoming very frustrated with farriers that just wouldn't show up for appointments, I called Kimberly and made the appointment that would change my life. 

From my mares first trim with Kimberly she became more comfortable. In 10 days we were boot free - something I didn't think would EVER be possible!!!. My mare's lifestyle and diet have undergone MAJOR rehabs with Kimberly's coaching and she has never been healthier or happier. Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable, kind, considerate and most of all caring. Your horse can not be trusted to anyone more conscientious than Kimberly. I have total trust and respect for her. She has become the most important thing that happens in my life every 4 weeks!!!! And most importantly, my mare thanks her..."
Gina Lander:
"I have known Kimberly for years. She is passionate about the horse and their foot care."
Tori Gable:
I have 2 horses, both of which had lameness issues prior to me taking them to Kimberly.. Little horse (as I affectionately refer to him, he is actually 15.3hands) had been through over 1 1/2 years of corrective shoeing, MRI's trips to Alamo Pintado (a vet hospital over 3 hours away), time off, hand walk, pain meds, shoeing with veterinary supervision/consultation and more. My final straw was when the idea of glue on shoes and nerving my horse where brought to the table and a serious solution to my problem. Horrified and sick to my stomach I decided to stop everything, pull his shoes and send my 8yr old boy to pasture. I needed a barefoot specialist to get us over the hump until he could be sent away to live out his days as a backyard pet..... I did extensive research online and found Kimberly, I spoke to and interviewed barefoot care specialists from Northern California to San Diego to find someone I was comfortable with, Kimberly was my top pick. After she came to work with my little horse miracles started to surface, MY HORSE WAS SOUND!!!! I was astonished is this even possible, against all advice from 4 vets and 3 farriers "this horse could never be with out shoes". Now I do not want to tell any false information here so it did take this little man 3 weeks to not be sensitive on the pavement but from day 3 on in the arena the little horse was sound.... I began riding him again and he is now 1 year under Kimberly's watchful eye and yup you guessed it still sound! He is leased out and is gets ridden 6 times a week with 1 day off with out even one hiccup. I have gotten such an immense education along this process and recommend to all horse owners/lovers to question everything you are told and listen to the horse, they never lie!"
Randine Dodson:
"Kimberly Knows the hoof as if she designed it! 

My beloved quarter horse was diagnosed with High Ringbone and a floating bone chip (all on his front right) shortly after I got him. I tried every advanced shoe and pad and wedge out there that I could find and changed farriers several times. The result was always the same-he'd be off noticeably to very noticeably and about half of the year he wouldn't be sound enough to ride. I toyed with the idea of going barefoot but my farrier said he wouoldn't be a good candidate for shoeless. Finally, after another year of off and on lameness I decided "What do I have to lose?"I attended a Natural Hoof Seminar and met Kimberly-I was immediatly impressed with her undestanding and knowledge of the hoof. Wow! My horse has been under her care for almost a year now and he is SO MUCH BETTER due to her work and getting those shoes off. While he'll always have Ringbone, he now moves like a sound horse. His trot is even and we haven't missed a day of riding in months. I couldn't be happier and I know my horse is happier. Thank you so much Kimberly!"
Tori Gable:
"I have written a review on my Little Horse but this one is dedicated to "The Big Horse" .... he is 18hands and has been used for Dressage his entire life. He was imported form Germany and competed up to Prix St George level. He had been in shoes his entire life...until I got a hold of him! He was on the chopping block to be sold as a serviceabley sound school master, which basically means not sound but we will pretend. He came to me on 6 different medications and with the diagnosis of navicular. I needed to lease him in order to afford having 2 horses in Los Angeles (at an expense of over $1,000 per horse) and was afraid to remove his shoes for fear he would need an "adjustment period". Well let me tell you I was the fool, the moment we pulled his shoes it was like we had given him what he had been waiting for his whole life....he went sound the first day! I do not know why it even surprised me after the little horse did so well but being the eternal septic I had doubts. All doubts are now squashed as Kimberly has been working on him now beginning in May 2011 and he is off all medication (except lubrisyn for arthritis) and is completely sound. We are even considering starting to show him again he is doing so well. I think his biggest issue now is my riding ability. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone that would listen, she has saved 2 out of 2 (my 2 boys), she is kind, conservative, considerate and responsible. In a word she is the BEST!!!"
Eric Schneider:
"The only item of concern about my new mare was that her front feet had been neglected and appeared a bit out of shape. Everyone at my barn seemed to think that her feet were just fine, but I spent nine months worrying that something wasn't quite right. In only two trims, Kimberly brought about such dramatic improvement that I literally felt my worry melt away. Do your horse a favor - call Kimberly!"
Brian Saunders:
"Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of natural horse care including: habitat, nutrition, barefoot hoof health and trim maintenance. She is very professional in her business dealings. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for reliable professional help with any natural horse care project."
"If you are looking for someone knowledgeable and experienced contact Kimberly. Her approach to natural hoof care is to consider all the environmental factors that contribute to healthy feet including diet, exercise, injuries and any special needs of your horse. Kimberly is gentle, patient and kind. I would highly recommend her." 

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Jaime Jackson 

"Kimberly worked and trained with me and other AANHCP instructors over a five year period, thereafter moving on to her own private practice. During this time, she became an accomplished professional, not only as an skilled trimmer using the wild horse "natural trim" model, but as a knowledgeable advocate for more humane horse care. Kimberly principally serves the greater Southern California area, providing quality natural hoof care and natural boarding consultation services. Kimberly is highly recommended." 

Jaime Jackson is the pioneer of the modern barefoot movement. His first book The Natural Horse was a labor of love that took several years to write after several years of study of the American Wild horses.Before that Jamie was an accomplished professional shoer. Since then Jaime has published several more books and has worked tirelessly to bring Natural Hoof and Horse Care to horse owners worldwide.
 Photo Courtesy of Julie Krone