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 I am committed to devoting my efforts to the well being of horses. I do this as horse owner, hoof care provider, private clinician and consultant on Natural Horse Lifestyle.

Before this, I began my life for and about horses in 2003. Though I had been ridding and in lessons since the age of 2, I had never owned my own horse. Shortly after returning home from a three months long trip in southern India, I became single mindedly focused on becoming a horse owner. Being a research addict, I spent a year researching what it meant to own a horse-what my responsibilities would encompass. One of these was hoof care. I had, by chance, been exposed to the "barefoot" concept a few years earlier and this came to mind in my research .I discovered that there are a lot of different approaches to barefoot and their advocates. Initially, it was quite confusing. Eventually, I discovered that Jaime Jackson was the originator of the modern movement towards barefoot hoof care. His non-invasive, pain free and mimicking Nature method made sense to me. I studied all of his books and videos and began to immerse myself in them around the clock. It was inspiring to have found such a progressive and holistic approach to horse care. It is simple and common sense, yet visionary in the context of our traditional horse care practices I say horse care because that is what natural hoof care really is-a whole horse approach.

I felt the need for a more in depth, rounded and general horse education, so I attended my local Pierce College, which has an agricultural school. I studied a year with Ron Wexler in the Equine Studies program. I am forever grateful to Ron for his ruthless abatement of my ignorance.

I next enrolled in the Natural Hoof Care and booting certification program run by Jaime Jackson. As soon as I finished my first clinics there, I began working closely with Jaime and other stellar figures in the innovative and international field of promoting Natural Horse Care and the education of it's practitioners. Concurrently I studied around the country with several instructors in Natural Hoof Care. I was also fortunate to have intensive private trim instruction with Jaime. 

For the next several years I was intensely devoted internationally to the mission of developing more natural and humane horse keeping practices to the horse using world community. I was privileged to work in this inspiring movement alongside many spectacular and devoted people from around the world. These people have enriched my life more than words can say.

Over these same several years, I also worked closely with Mr. Jackson managing his private clientele, working side by side with the horses and assisting with all aspects of his endeavors. One of the most interesting and enjoyable times came after Mr. Jackson published "Paddock Paradise". It was fascinating and uplifting to communicate with people from all over the world who were building and developing their own creations of track style boarding for their horses. The spectrum of variety was delightful. And they all consistently reported remarkable often dramatically positive results. Their horses gained so much benefit in all areas. 
This is the wonderful adventure I hope that you will join me on.

 Dr. Bruce Nock

"I have known Kimberly since 2004. She is a true natural hoof care professional. She is certified by the two leading natural hoof care organizations in the world, Liberated Horsemanship and the AANHCP. Frankly, I don’t know of any natural hoof care professional who has a comparable background. Kimberly’s training and experience are unique and exceptional."
 Photo Courtesy of Julie Krone
 Photo Courtesy of my mom, Jeanette Riley
 Bruce is author of Ten Golden Rules of Horse Training, Ride For Tomorrow: Dressage Today and Founder of  the international training program ; Liberated Horsemanship, Dr. Nock has been a scientist more than 30 years. He is also a tenured professor of multiple departments at Washington University School of Medicine. He is a subject of record in both Marquis’ Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Bruce has a ridiculously long list of credits, hardly imaginable for a single human being and certainly more than will fit here. All that and he is a super nice guy!