Joe Camp

"As a person Kimberly is as good as they come. 
Honest and of exemplary character. As a natural hoof specialist I would rank her right up there with the best in the country. She is passionate about every horse. She gets it. She cares." 
'Seems like we have many options when we survey the field of hoof care services and boarding styles available for our horses. Almost a decade past, when I considered my options, Natural Barefoot Hoof Care and as natural as possible boarding, won as best for my pocketbook, peace of mind and convenience as well as my horses well being, comfort and best performance. 

​If your horse is in shoes and a box stall or barefoot in a natural boarding setting, or something in between or completely different, I welcome your call. We can talk about what is best for you and your horse. I can suggest enrichments for the betterment of your horse.

          To view photos of my hoof work please see my Services Page. 

 (818) 522-0536
 My horse, Genny, enjoying the water, with his buddy "Buddy"
Joe Camp is author of the bestselling book and popular website Soul of a Horse. Joe's earlier phenomenal accomplishment was in wrttng, directing and producing a blockbuster film,independent of a major studio. This had never been done before Benji. Joe's Benji movies moulded public opinion towards adopting mutts and shelter pets. Now Joe directs his next successful crusade towards humane horse care and leading the way towards true partnership with horses.
 One of my most enjoyable clients , Cannon, owned  by Jule Krone
 Photo Courtesy of Julie Krone